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Fantasy Makeup Creators Course

Do you have a passion for makeup and a love for fantasy? Keywest Academy Fantasy Makeup Creators Course is perfect for you. Elevate your skills and discover new techniques under the expert guidance of our experienced faculty. Our program is designed to take your makeup skills to new heights. Learn to take the building blocks of makeup techniques to create jaw-dropping, one-of-a-kind looks. Enroll today and take the first step toward realizing your dreams. 

Fantasy Makeup Creators Course

Learn to take the building blocks of makeup techniques to create jaw-dropping, one-of-a-kind looks.

Course Details

A metamorphosis that most makeup artists will never master – unless they learn the tricks of the trade. Learn the secrets of fantasy makeup from industry experts to stand out as a makeup artist.

Course Content:

Advanced color theory and working on inspirations and how to be creative

Character analysis and props

Fantasy eye makeup looks

Creative Makeup Artistry: Fantasy Face contouring, multiple Color Blending, Creme based & water based products, colour mixing tools

Face & Body Painting

3D shading and designing

Headgear & Props: Design, Construction & Application of Headgear and Accessories

Put your creativity to the test

Do you want to learn the skills to find inspiration and bring your wildest fantasy makeup ideas to life? This is the course fit for you!

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Course Description:

The Fantasy Makeup Artistry course is an exciting and immersive program designed to unleash your creativity and skills in the realm of fantasy and special effects makeup. This course is perfect for makeup enthusiasts, aspiring makeup artists, and professionals looking to expand their expertise into the captivating world of fantasy makeup. From mythical creatures to otherworldly characters, this course will teach you the techniques, tools, and concepts necessary to bring your wildest makeup fantasies to life.

Course Objectives:

  • Learn the foundational principles of makeup application, including color theory, facial anatomy, and skin preparation techniques.
  • Develop an understanding of fantasy makeup genres, such as mythical creatures, fantasy-inspired characters, cosplay makeup, and special effects makeup.
  • Explore a variety of makeup techniques and materials used in fantasy makeup, including prosthetics, body painting, airbrushing, and character transformation.
  • Acquire knowledge and skills in creating fantasy makeup looks that reflect different themes, including fairy tales, science fiction, and supernatural beings.
  • Develop proficiency in creating elaborate and intricate fantasy makeup designs, incorporating elements such as glitter, gems, feathers, and special effects products.
  • Understand the importance of conceptualizing and planning fantasy makeup looks, including mood boards, character analysis, and reference gathering.
  • Learn techniques for designing and applying prosthetics, such as creating lifelike creatures, aliens, and fantasy-inspired characters.
  • Master the art of blending, shading, and highlighting to create depth and dimension in fantasy makeup designs.
  • Explore advanced techniques for creating realistic wounds, scars, aging effects, and other special effects makeup elements.
  • Develop professional skills in client communication, collaboration, and time management for fantasy makeup projects and photo shoots.

Course Structure:

The Fantasy Makeup Artistry course typically combines theoretical instruction with hands-on practical training to provide a comprehensive learning experience. The duration of the course may vary depending on the program and institution. The curriculum often includes the following topics:

Introduction to Fantasy Makeup:

Overview of fantasy makeup genres and themes

  • Historical and contemporary influences in fantasy makeup
  • Introduction to tools, materials, and products used in fantasy makeup
  • Facial Anatomy and Skin Preparation:
  • Understanding facial features, bone structure, and proportions
  • Skin types and conditions relevant to fantasy makeup
  • Preparing the skin for makeup application and removal techniques
Color Theory and Creative Makeup Techniques:
  • Understanding the color wheel and its application in fantasy makeup
  • Blending, shading, and highlighting techniques for creating depth and dimension
  • Creating illusions with color, texture, and contrast in fantasy makeup
Fantasy Makeup Genres and Themes:
  • Exploring different fantasy makeup genres, such as mythical creatures, fairy tales, science fiction, and supernatural beings
  • Analyzing and interpreting character references and mood boards
  • Developing conceptual ideas and translating them into makeup designs
Body Painting and Airbrushing Techniques:

Techniques for creating full-body fantasy makeup designs

Working with body paints, stencils, and brushes

Character Transformation and Storytelling:
  • Analyzing character traits and storylines for effective makeup design
  • Transforming models into fantasy characters through makeup and styling
  • Enhancing makeup designs with costume, props, and accessories
Special Effects Makeup and Creature Design:
  • Working with specialized products, such as liquid latex, gelatin, and silicone
  • Developing skills in painting, texturing, and detailing special effects elements
Fantasy Makeup Photo Shoots and Portfolio Development:
  • Planning and executing fantasy makeup photo shoots
  • Collaborating with photographers, models, and stylists
  • Building a portfolio showcasing fantasy makeup designs and special effects work

Fantasy Makeup Creators Course

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