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Masters In Advanced Artistry (Level 2)

Open the doorways of the world of glitz and glam for you with the most-complete makeup artistry course

Masters In Advanced Artistry

Open the doorways of the world of glitz and glam for you with the most-complete makeup artistry course

Course Details

This course introduces you to the world of professional makeup artistry as we study topics from choosing makeup tools like brushes to running your own beauty business.

Course Content:


  • Skin types
  • Skin Assessment
  • Skin Issues
  • Skin Tones & UnderTones
  • Skin shades and Fitzpatrick scale
  • Skin Prep – CTM before & after
  • Skin care products making the right choices
  • Preping Acne prone skin


  • Vanity essential checklist
  • Hygiene & basic grooming
  • Makeup tools & products

Colour Theory:

  • Neutralisation of colours
  • Colour wheel theory & color schemes
  • Colour mixing techniques
  • Advanced colour correction

Foundation & Concealer:

  • Learning Makeup textures & the science behind it
  • Face shape analysis
  • Corrective face base
  • Advanced color correction and concealing
  • Difference between foundation and concealers
  • Brush Grip, Pressure and Stroke techniques
  • Foundation application tools & their type
  • Foundation selection for different skin shades & types
  • Face base application techniques – light, medium, full coverage
  • Categorising warm and cool toned foundations and concealers
  • Base for acne prone skin

Highlight & Contour:

  • Facial anatomy
  • Facial geometry & bone structure
  • Corrective contouring techniques
  • Blush application with creams and powder
  • Powder contour, baking & highlighting


  • Eye shapes
  • Eyeliners & bat liners
  • Corrective eye makeup techniques
  • False eyelashes for different eye shapes
  • Eye makeup looks – classic and partial smokey, colourful smokey, halo eyes, half & full cut crease & glitter eye makeup
  • Eyeshades & eye makeup methodology
  • Eye gradation and blending techniques
  • Different strokes and methods to blend.
  • Working with different textures for eyemakeup –liquids- creams – powders
  • Analysing bristle texture & Various blending techniques with right pressure


  • Eyebrow shapes anatomy
  • Eyebrow measurement framing filling with gradians and stroke application
  • Powder, liquid & pomade pencil brows


  • Lip prep and Lip anatomy
  • Shapes & lip contour techniques
  • Lip enhancement
  • Lip correction with precise lip liner application.
  • Achieving different textures with cream, liquid, bullets and gloss

– Bridal
– Editorial look
– Cocktail look
– Engagement look
– Celebrity bridal

  • With international airbrush certification valid in 75 countries all over the world
  • Regional bridal makeup looks
  • Mature skin makeup / male makeup demo
  • Punjabi/ North Indian bride
  • South Indian bride
  • Arabic Muslim bride

    This course includes ;
    -Long lasting makeup techniques
    -Extensive practice under our experts supervision
    -Brush stroke practice – perfection of strokes
    -Continued access to all Makeup Products for practice

Hair Basics:

  • Styling Basics
  • Blow drying
  • Sectioning
  • Brushing techniques
  • Smoothing techniques with various curling irons
  • Waving Techniques
  • Hair Prep
  • Back Brushing/Combing
  • Hair Curling
  • Hair Tools information
  • Hair extensions application technique
  • Accessory applications

Hair Styles:

  • Red carpet hairstyles
  • Indo western Hairdos
  • Open hairstyle with front variations
  • Arabian Updos
  • Bridal Hairstyling
  • Traditional Indian Bun
  • Side Braids
  • Messy Buns

In our fully equipped training institute, you can join us for highly advanced nail extension classes & workshops. We work with top-class educators who have been in the business for years. You will get the opportunity to perform the same on real ppl on a daily basis. We provide you with practical knowledge to polish up your practical skills.

These classes are essential if you want to develop knowledge about the upcoming trends in the industry, how to make a good profile for big brands, upgrade your personality & skills, self-styling & how to start a business of your own.

  • Lighting & photography techniques
  • Bridal aesthetics – draping styling & colour harmonies
  • Advanced Bridal skin prep, MLD
  • Bridal consultation & mock call consultation
  • Social media masterclass
  • Vanity kit knowledge for professionals
  • Client discussions
  • Advantages of freelancing
  • How to get registered
  • How to get business
  • Rate cards and client consultation form
  • How to give discounts and packages
  • 5-Week Internship opportunity & certification & acknowledgement
  • Work as an Intern Makeup Artist with us
  • Real world exposure
  • Guided training
  • Shadow learning under expert mentors
  • Assistance to senior makeup & hairstyling artists

Kits Included:

completion Certification

KW Stationary Kit

merchandise T Shirt

KW essential brush kit

access to products

professional photoshoot

After Care Services

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Master’s Course in Advanced Makeup and Hair Artistry

Course Description:

The Master’s Course in Advanced Makeup and Hair Artistry is an intensive program designed to provide comprehensive training and advanced techniques in the field of professional makeup and hair artistry. This course is ideal for individuals who have already completed a foundational makeup and hair artistry course or have prior experience in the field.

Throughout the course, students will develop their skills and knowledge in various areas of makeup and hair artistry, focusing on advanced techniques, industry trends, and creative approaches. The curriculum covers a wide range of topics, including but not limited to:

Advanced Makeup Techniques:
  1. High-definition (HD) makeup application
  2. Advanced contouring and highlighting techniques
  3. Advanced color theory and color correction
  4. Airbrush makeup application
Advanced Hair Styling:
  • Advanced hairstyling techniques for various occasions (editorial, bridal, red carpet, etc.)
  • Creative updos and intricate braiding techniques
  • Working with hair extensions and wigs
  • Period hairstyling and historical recreations
Portfolio Development:
  • Developing a professional portfolio showcasing makeup and hair artistry skills
  • Collaborating with photographers, models, and stylists for photoshoots
  • Creating diverse looks to demonstrate versatility
  • Understanding lighting and its impact on makeup and hair
Industry Trends and Professional Skills:
  • Keeping up with the latest trends in makeup and hair artistry
  • Building a professional brand and marketing strategies
  • Client communication and consultation skills
  • Time management and working efficiently on set
  • Professional ethics and hygiene practices

The Master’s Course in Advanced Makeup and Hair Artistry typically includes a combination of theoretical lessons, hands-on practical sessions, demonstrations by industry experts, and opportunities for portfolio building. Students may also have the chance to work on real-world projects, such as fashion shows, photoshoots, or short films, to gain practical experience and build their network within the industry.

By the end of the course, students will have acquired advanced skills in makeup and hair artistry, expanded their portfolio, and developed the confidence and expertise needed to excel in the professional field. Graduates of the program will be prepared to pursue careers in various sectors, including film, television, theater, fashion, editorial, bridal

OUR USP Masters In Advanced Artistry

Learn 14 complete advanced looks 16 exclusive practice sessions included Complete Airbrush training included with hands on Professional portfolio shoot included professional model’s, outfits and jewelry provided by the academy

  • High quality content consisting of 3 edited pictures & 1 edited reel with music
  • 100% job assistance Internship opportunities for all the students.

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