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With a combination of comprehensive curriculum hands-on training & field work exposure.

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Keywest is asia’s best makeup academy, we are a 7-star academy certified by the UK international education board which sets the global standards of quality of education. Our academy has achieved high standards of professional and academic performance. Students are our top priority, we provide them internship opportunities during, and after their course which allows them to have industry exposure right from the beginning of their career.

We are located in the prime location of the capital city just 5 mins distance from Lajpat Nagar Metro. Our infrastructure offers stations for practice sessions with the best makeup lighting, cafeteria, portfolio building space, creative space, and terrace area.


Learn The Skills To Become A Certified Makeup Artist

With a mission to deliver international standards of beauty education, Keywest Academy of Beauty & Makeup offers a multitude of courses that cover all aspects of the skills needed to master a career in the fashion industry, makeup, and beauty. Keywest Academy is the first makeup school to recognize a continuing education program and offer the most advanced makeup classes in India.

We provide support as you complete your classroom studies to help you develop a successful career. We offer unlimited follow-up masterclasses for graduates, providing unique opportunities to network with cosmetics industry giants, fashion experts, and internationally renowned artists.


We Help Build a Successful Career
in the Beauty Industry

We Help Create a Successful Career in the Beauty Industry

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Our Best Makeup Artist Courses

Create magic with your hands – Learn from Delhi’s Best Makeup Artists at Keywest Academy. Pursue your passion for makeup with our top-notch makeup artist training and classes.

Masters in Advance Artistry

Professional Makeup Artistry Course

Fantasy Makeup Creators Course

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Train To Be The Best With Our World-Class Makeup Artist Classes in India

Building a brand on tenets of our values, we bring the most innovative and latest curriculum coupled with the most advanced training techniques to empower our partners, employees, and students to become financially independent.

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How Are We Best Makeup Academy in Delhi NCR?

Here at keywest, we believe in top-quality education, saying that we have the best lot of Professional Beauty Association (PBA) certified trainers with more than 7 years of experience. We have collaborated with a renowned director in the Bollywood industry, Madhur Bhandarkar. We offer course starting from a short duration to a duration of 3 months. Courses include basics of makeup, cosmetology, social media classes, creative makeup, fantasy, bridal, and whatnot.

If you’ve got a gift for making faces and an eye for color, it’s time to transform your passion into a career at Delhi’s premier makeup academy. At Keywest Academy, we believe makeup is an art form, and our instructors are the masters ready to teach you their craft. Learn contouring, highlighting, color correction, and special effects from the pros using only the most coveted cosmetic brands. Whether you dream of doing makeup for Bollywood stars or launching your own studio, Keywest equips you with the skills to succeed. Our hands-on courses cover bridal, fashion, and media makeup using techniques tailored for South Asian skin tones and the latest global trends. When you graduate, you’ll have a professional portfolio and the confidence to work on any face that sits in your chair. In Delhi’s competitive beauty industry, Keywest the best makeup school in Delhi gives you the edge to stand out from the crowd. Enroll today and turn your creative spark into a bright future.

Keywest Academy is Delhi’s top makeup training program. Whether you’re looking to boost your bridal business or change careers, our academy teaches industry-leading techniques. Classes are small for personalized attention. In just 12 weeks learn everything from basic beauty to airbrushing by instructors with years in the industry. Leave ready to work on photo shoots or in your own studio. Your new skills are just a semester away.

We are located in the prime location of the capital city just 5 mins distance from Lajpat Nagar metro. Our infrastructure offers stations for practice sessions with the best makeup lighting, cafeteria, portfolio building space, creative space, and terrace area.

If you want to become the best makeup artist in Delhi, enroll at Delhi’s top makeup academy.

You may unleash your creative side and turn your passion for cosmetics into a lucrative career with the help of the Best Makeup Academy in Delhi. To assist people, discover their hidden abilities, and become more skilled makeup artists, Keywest Academy offers instruction in makeup, hair, and beauty.

This institute’s distinctive curriculum and state-of-the-art facilities are well recognized, but what really sets it apart is its emphasis on fostering superior performance, imagination, and creative thinking. Whether you have just begun or seeking to enhance your skills, our academy is dedicated to helping you reach the pinnacle of your abilities and succeed in the cosmetics business.

Their exceptionally qualified and professional instructors hope that by teaching the cosmetics method, they will help people feel more confident. By participating in their courses, people may reach their professional objectives and have access to opportunities to work and share their skills overseas.

We provide the most innovative and current learning materials along with a leading-edge training technique with the aim to enable our partners, employees, and students to attain financial freedom.

Global Teaching Protocols for Future Entrepreneurial Growth and Development

The Keywest Academy of Beauty & Makeup provides a variety of courses that cover all the necessary skills to build a career in the fields of fashion and beauty. The academy’s goal is to disseminate international norms of cosmetic education.

Keywest Academy, the first makeup academy to accept ongoing education, developed the most comprehensive cosmetics learning environment in India.

Tremendous assistance along the road

At Keywest Academy, the best makeup academy in Delhi, we offer support to get you started on a successful career once you finish your formal education. Our alumni get exposure to as many follow-up masterclasses as they choose, offering them a unique opportunity to network with significant cosmetics businesses, industry leaders in fashion, and well-known artists from across the world.

Role of a Make-up Academy in building a great professional artist career

The right makeup academy can set you up for success as a professional makeup artist. Keywest Academy in Delhi trains students in the practical skills needed to build a thriving career in makeup artistry. From foundational techniques to learning how to apply different looks for every occasion, Keywest Academy’s instructors share their expertise to help students gain the confidence and portfolio necessary to start their own businesses or work on professional sets. More than just skills training, the best makeup academy in Delhi provides mentorship and industry connections to help launch your new career. With the right training and industry connections, graduates leave the program equipped to begin their dream careers as professional makeup artists.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

To become a professional makeup artist, you almost certainly need to enrol in a recognised makeup course where you may benefit from the knowledge of an accomplished makeup artist. Fortunately, Delhi is home to one of the top makeup academies that has produced some of the most well-known and prosperous makeup artists. Your career as a makeup artist will start off strong if you opt to pursue certification from this institution. The course starts at 40,000 and gets more expensive from there.

Delhi is big market for makeup artists, our founder Neha Chabbra is a celebrity makeup artist and her passion for makeup and teaching has given birth to the asia’s best makeup academy in Delhi.

Delhi has multiple academies. Keywest Academy is the best makeup academy in Delhi academy because at keywest we believe and focus the most on practice and education is top quality.

Providing the best education in a variety of courses as per your interest such as makeup, hair, permanent and semi- permanent makeup.

The core motive of our academy is education, our courses are designed with the international method of teaching focusing more on skills, technicalities fundamentals, and knowledge.

We create the most skilled and knowledgeable industry ready professionals.

Learning an artistry skill needs a minimum time investment of 4 weeks. Mastering bridal, fantasy, and glam look requires a dedicated time frame of at least 12-16 weeks.

You determine how much time each week you want to spend honing your abilities. Makeup schools provide their own estimate of how long it typically takes to finish such courses. Mastering skills like bridal, glam looks, basics of makeup, fantasy takes a dedicated time frame of 3months.

Students who dedicate 5 hours per week to learn makeup finish their makeup course in 2 to 3 months.

First step to start a career in any field is to learn the skill. Joining a makeup academy is that baby step towards your career. We at keywest provide you with multiple internship exposure during your course duration which gives you an understanding about the industry.You can begin as a trainee or assistant to a makeup crew, or you might find temporary employment doing makeup and styling hair for extras in crowd scenes. Additionally, you might gain experience in the cosmetics industry or by working in cosmetics sales while developing a professional portfolio to showcase your abilities.

Whether you’re looking to become a professional makeup artist or simply want to learn how to apply makeup like one, Keywest Academy has the course for you. Their makeup courses cover all the basics from how to apply foundation and concealer flawlessly to perfecting your contour and highlighting technique. You’ll learn how to apply eye makeup like a pro with lessons on eye shadow application, eyeliner techniques and false lash application. Courses also cover how to apply lipstick and lip liner for long-lasting results and the proper techniques for creating a full makeup look. With Keywest Academy makeup courses, you’ll gain the fundamental skills and knowledge needed for a career in cosmetology or simply learn how to apply your own makeup like a professional. Their experienced instructors use the latest techniques and a hands-on teaching approach to ensure you master the skills needed to transform yourself or others into a work of art.

If you love cosmetics, this is one of the profitable job prospects to watch out for. Everyone wants to look their best, which is driving increased demand for makeup artists. Nearly every aspect of life requires makeup artists, including movies, television shows, picture shoots, wedding sessions, and celebrations.

One of the most crucial qualities or abilities that each makeup artist and hair stylist has to possess is creativity. The art of makeup and hair styling requires original thinking, experimenting with a variety of colours, and expressing oneself. Makeup artists have the chance to assist customers in achieving their objectives. Makeup artists help people to accentuate their inherent beauty and styling them in a way that best suits them.

The following activities must be carried out by a person in order to succeed as a makeup artist:

* Completing the degree programmes for makeup artists
* Build a proper portfolio
*Make the proper connections through networking.
* Make a strong impression by showcasing your abilities and expertise on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.
*Participate in significant events that affect the cosmetics business. Take advantage of the chance to showcase your knowledge and abilities.
*Keep abreast on current affairs and fashions in the cosmetics business.
*Join companies to stay in touch with significant clients.

You must first comprehend the steps required to become a makeup artist as well as any necessary training or courses. Even if you don’t have much experience doing your own makeup looks or know nothing about the business, reading blogs and using social media to learn about methods is a wonderful place to start. Don’t be scared to explore; knowing your own product preferences will boost your confidence.

Watching YouTube videos and applying your friends’ makeup will help you practise at home. To get experience, enroll in makeup academy to learn the basics of makeup, cosmology, fashion and fantasy. To establish your portfolio, make up models and get them shot. Concentrate on a professional route like freelance work, television, or the fashion sector. Here at keywest academy we provide our students with internships which gives them exposure of the industry. Most makeup artists begin by enrolling in a specialized degree in cosmetics or beauty treatment and gaining hands-on experience.

You ought to choose commerce or the arts. Commerce will assist you in doing profitable and productive business. You can quickly comprehend the financial aspects of your makeup company. Arts, as it will provide you extra time after your studies, you may utilise that spare time for your cosmetics lessons.

After completing these three-year Makeup Artist courses, graduates can find employment in a variety of industries, including tattoo parlours, hair and beauty salons, film, television, and media companies, among others.

Aspiring to be a professional makeup artist takes skill, creativity and the right guidance. Keywest Academy can help unlock your potential with time-tested techniques and tips from industry experts. Whether you dream of working on fashion runways, magazine shoots or in-salon, our program covers the essentials to launch a successful career. You’ll learn how to create stunning looks for every occasion using the latest products and tools. More than just application, we’ll teach you how to build a client base, market your services and run like a pro business. With the right training, patience and passion, you can transform ordinary faces into works of art and build a rewarding career doing what you love. Let our makeup academy show you the keys to success behind every great beauty professional.

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