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Hair Styling Course

Hair Styling Course

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Hair Styling Course Overview


The Hair Styling Course offers comprehensive training in hairstyling techniques, catering to both beginners and advanced learners. With a focus on hands-on practice and expert guidance, this course equips students with the skills needed to create a variety of hairstyles for different occasions.

Course Content

Day 1: Introduction of Tools, Products, and Hair Textures

  • Overview of essential tools and products used in hairstyling.
  • Understanding different hair textures and their characteristics.

Day 2: Tong Curls, Waves, Straightening, and Straightening Curls

  • Techniques for creating tong curls, waves, and straightening hair.
  • Curling techniques using straightening tools.

Day 3: Straightening, Outward, and Inward Curls (Blow Dry)

  • Styling hair with a blow dryer to achieve straight, outward, and inward curls.

Day 4: Sleek Bun, High Pony with Dutch Braid

  • Creating a sleek bun and a high ponytail with Dutch braiding techniques.

Day 5: Types of Braids

  • Learning different types of braids and their variations.

Day 6: Fishtail Hairstyle, Fixing Tikka, Paasa, Matha Patti

  • Creating a fishtail hairstyle and incorporating traditional hair accessories like tikka, paasa, and matha patti.

Day 7: Messy Bun and Braid

  • Styling a messy bun and incorporating braiding techniques.

Day 8: Hollywood Waves

  • Mastering the art of creating classic Hollywood waves for a glamorous look.

Day 9: Donut Practice and Hairstyle

  • Practice session on using hair donuts and creating hairstyles with them.

Day 10: South Indian Bridal Bun

  • Learning the intricacies of creating a traditional South Indian bridal bun, popular for weddings.

Industry Demand

The Hair Styling Course is highly sought after in the makeup industry, as hairstyling skills are essential for makeup artists to offer comprehensive services to their clients. Knowing how to style hair effectively enhances a makeup artist's versatility and marketability, making this course indispensable for aspiring professionals in the industry.

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