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Duration : 3 Months 

The Masters in Makeup Artistry Course is designed to equip students with comprehensive knowledge and skills in makeup application. Led by experienced professionals, this course covers various aspects of makeup artistry, ensuring students are prepared for a successful career in the industry.



Basic to Advanced Makeup


Skin Care and Preparation:

  •   Understanding skin types, assessment, and issues.
  • Learning about skin tones, undertones, shades, and the Fitzpatrick scale.
  • Comprehensive skin prep techniques, including CTM (Cleansing, Toning, Moisturizing) before and after makeup.
  • Choosing appropriate skincare products and prepping acne-prone skin.


Vanity Essentials:

  • Building a complete vanity checklist.
  • Emphasizing hygiene, basic grooming, and makeup tools/products.

Colour Theory:

  • Mastering neutralization, the colour wheel, and colour schemes.
  • Advanced colour mixing and correction techniques.

Foundation & Concealer:

  • Exploring makeup textures, face shape analysis, and corrective face base techniques.
  • Differentiating foundations and concealers, with detailed application tools and techniques.
  • Specialized foundation application for various skin shades, types, and conditions like acne-prone skin.

Highlight & Contour:

  • Understanding facial anatomy and geometry for corrective contouring.
  • Techniques for applying blush with creams and powders
  • Mastering powder contour, baking, and highlighting.

Eye Makeup:

  • Analyzing eye shapes and mastering eyeliner techniques.
  • Advanced eye makeup techniques, including false eyelashes application and various eye makeup looks.
  • Working with different eye makeup textures and mastering blending techniques.

Brows & Lips:

  • Detailed eyebrow shaping, measurement, and filling techniques.
  • Comprehensive lip prep, contouring, and correction methods.
  • Achieving various lip textures with different products.

Beauty and Bridal Makeup


Beauty Looks:

  • Creating diverse beauty looks for occasions like receptions and cocktail parties.
  • Techniques for traditional Indian bridal makeup, including Haldi and Mehendi.

Bridal Makeup:

  • Techniques for different cultural bridal looks, including South Indian, Punjabi, Anand Karaj, celebrity, and Balma/Muslim brides.
  • Focus on working with various foundation textures and advanced eye makeup techniques.

Airbrush Makeup

  • In-depth airbrush makeup techniques.
  • Watch and learn session with senior faculty.

CCC (Career Counselling Course)


Profile Building, Styling and Social Media:

  • Photography, lighting, and editing techniques for makeup portfolios.
  • Managing social media presence and client consultations.
  • Styling for self and clients, saree draping, professional communication, and business survival skills.
  • Building a CV and preparing for interviews.

Hair Course (2 Weeks)


Hair Curriculum (10 Days):

  • Introduction to tools, products, and hair textures.
  • Techniques for tong curls, waves, straightening, and blow-drying.
  • Creating sleek buns, high ponytails with Dutch braids, and various types of braids.
  • Advanced hairstyles like fishtail, fixing tikka, paasa, matha patti, messy buns, Hollywood waves, and South Indian bridal buns.


MLD (Manual Lymphatic Drainage) Classes


Skin Structure and Rollers:

  • Using rollers and understanding skin structure.
  • Intensive knowledge of skincare, ingredients, exfoliators, and active ingredients.

Advanced Skincare Techniques:

  • Effective use of sheet masks and client consultation for enhanced services.
  • Additional makeup artistry skills.

Professional Development


Portfolio Building:

Four in-house portfolio shoots provided to showcase your skills and build your portfolio

Internship Opportunities:

  •   Access to various internship opportunities to gain practical experience.


Limited After-care Programme:

  • Support and guidance are provided to support your career growth even after completing the course.

This comprehensive course ensures students acquire the necessary skills and expertise in makeup artistry, preparing them for a successful career in the industry. With practical hands-on experience and professional development opportunities, graduates will be well-equipped to pursue their passion for makeup artistry.

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