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Self Makeup Course

Self Makeup Course

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Self Makeup Course Curriculum

Day 1: Nude Makeup Look

  • Objective: Achieve a natural yet attractive look
  • Key Topics:
    • Best practices for using low-intensity products
    • Techniques for wearing minimal makeup
    • Skin analysis and skincare tips
    • Essential products for building a healthy vanity
    • Essential makeup tools
    • Correcting face shape and eye shape
    • Soft contour, blush, and highlight (CBH)
    • Vanity organization and hygiene tips

Day 2: Glam Makeup

  • Objective: Stand out with glamorous makeup
  • Key Topics:
    • Smokey and glittery eye makeup techniques
    • Full coverage foundation application
    • Achieving a dewy finish
    • Intense contour, blush, and highlight (CBH)
    • Selecting glamorous lipstick with a touch of lip gloss

Day 3: Advanced Glam Makeup

  • Objective: Master advanced makeup techniques for any occasion
  • Key Topics:
    • Cut crease eye makeup techniques
    • Glitter and shimmer application
    • Advanced techniques for creating standout looks
    • Maintaining hygiene and cleanliness in your makeup routine
    • Tips from industry experts on hygiene and vanity maintenance

Additional Information

  • Exclusive Benefits:
    • Personalized feedback and one-on-one guidance
    • Step-by-step tutorials tailored to your unique features
    • Insider secrets to quick and flawless makeup applications
    • Tips on enhancing your natural beauty with minimal effort
    • Access to a community of makeup enthusiasts for support and inspiration

Note: Hairstyling can be added upon special request.

This self-makeup course stands out by offering personalized, practical advice and hands-on experience, ensuring you leave with the confidence and skills to perfect your makeup for any occasion. Learn from industry experts and become your own makeup artist!

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